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08 2014

MatrixUser v2.2 is now available, with multiple new features. Read More
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Design With Reason

As an image scientist working with plenty of multi-dimensional data, whether it's a stack of CT images, a pile of radiographs or some processed intermediate data, a powerful and portable image data analyzer is useful and desirable.

If you also work with Matlab for data manipulation, you might wonder if there is such a tool can help out for simple tasks such as multi-slice image display, ROI extraction and segmentation, or side-by-side image view?

Design For Functionality

This is what MatrixUser is made for. It is simple but it does those jobs, and it even works for more.

MatrixUser is a handy tool which features functions designed and optimized specifically for manipulating multi-dimensional real or complex data matrix.

You can perform fast and convenient multi-dimensional image display, matrix (image stack) processing and rendering etc. with a nice graphical environment and without writing any code.

MatrixUser is incorporated in this paper:

F. Liu, J.V. Velikina, W.F. Block, R. Kijowski, A.A. Samsonov. Fast Realistic MRI Simulations Based on Generalized Multi-Pool Exchange Tissue Model. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. 2016. doi: 10.1109/TMI.2016.2620961