A numerical MRI simulator

MRiLab is a rapid and versatile numerical MRI simulator with Matlab interface and GPU parallel acceleration on Windows and Linux GitHub SourceForge Free to MRI Simulation

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06 2019

MRiLab is now featured in MR-Hub at the official ISMRM website. Read More

01 2017

MRiLab v1.3 is now available, with multiple new features. Read More
v1.3 User Guide

Design With Flexibility

MRiLab features highly interactive graphical user interface (GUI) for the convenience of fast experiment design and technique prototyping.

High simulation accuracy is achieved by simulating discrete spin evolution at small time interval using the Bloch-equation and appropriate tissue model.

To manipulate large multidimensional spin array, MRiLab employs parallel computing by incorporating latest graphical processing unit (GPU) technique and multi-threading CPU technique.

Design For Functionality

You can simulate MR signal formation, k-space acquisition and MR image reconstruction. MRiLab provides several dedicated toolboxes to analyze RF pulse, design MR sequence, configure multiple transmitting and receiving coils, investigate magnetic field related properties, evaluate real-time imaging technique and more.

The main MRiLab simulation platform combined with dedicated toolboxes can be applied to customize various virtual MR experiments which can serve as a prior stage for prototyping and testing new MR technique and application.

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